Club Figure Competition 2019

We had another great Club Figure Competition, with almost all members of the club competing. We are also very grateful to all our volunteers from the club who took up roles as clerks, scorers and Team Managers, and to our guest judges, Irene and Linda, for helping ensure another successful event.

Swimmers competed in either their Age Group figures / elements or figures from the grade they are due to take next. The medals handed out by our President, Claire, feature the club’s original logo:
There was tight competition for the top spots but the results were:


Beginner –
1. Kaitlin
2. Eva
3. Blythe





Grade One –
1. Gemma
2. Niamh M
3. Maisie





Grade Two –
1. Orla
2. Lois
3. Danni





12&under / Grade Three –
1. Olivia
2. Rose
3. Paula





13-15 / Grade Four –
1. Kiku
2. Mae
3. Baylee





Junior / Grade Five –
1. Niamh P
2. Cale
3. Cara




The full results are below.

thumbnail of Beginner results

Grade One:
thumbnail of Grade Two results

Grade Two:
thumbnail of Grade One results

12&under / Grade Three:
thumbnail of 12&under Grade Three results

13-15 / Grade Four:
thumbnail of 13-15 Grade Four results

Junior / Grade Five:
thumbnail of Junior results