Club Figure Competition 2019/20

Due to the change in the synchro year the club has held its second Club Figure Competition of 2019 but the first of the 2019/20 synchro year.

Again, almost all members of the club competed. And again, we are grateful to our volunteers for being clerks, scorers, judges and team managers, to Linda for again being an amazing guest judge, and to Ilona, one of our older swimmers who was unable to swim so stepped into a judge role.

Swimmers competed in either their Age Group figures / element or figures from the grade they are due to take next. For some swimmers who only passed their latest grade on 6 October that was a big step up, but they impressed the judges and coaches immensly. Continue reading

Awards Night – September 2019

As there was a change in the synchro year we have had our second awards night of 2019. This was celebrating the synchro ‘year’ from January to September 2019.

As usual there was a disco, a buffet, a raffle and almost everyone in the club came along. The raffle had some amazing prizes, kindly donated by local businesses, and raised an amazing £298. Continue reading